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  • All of our drivers will follow a strict contactless delivery process
  • Protective seat covers will be used for every delivery
  • Drivers will carry full PPE to include disposable masks, anti bacterial wipes, gloves and hand sanitiser
  • Masks will be worn at all times whilst loading/unloading and delivery
  • All touch points will be sanitised to include but not limited to Steering wheel,Gear knob,Door handles,Rear view mirror, fuel cap and keys
  • No signatures required, photographic evidence captured at time of delivery.

Vehicle Collection & Delivery Service operating throughout the UK and into Europe

Great rates and great service and we have fully comprehensive insurance cover for all vehicle movements. Please message with collection & delivery postcodes for a quote.

Our business only has one function – to move your vehicles from A to B for the best possible price and within a timeframe that meets your requirements. We use the very latest technology to help us achieve this goal, and we are renowned in the trade for our ability to fulfil urgent vehicle deliveries. We use the latest satellite tracking technology with realtime exact location.

  • Corporate Deliveries / Dealer Transfers
  • Professional handover with documents completed
  • Contact made with customer during vehicle transit
  • Immediate confirmation of completed delivery
  • Documents scanned and posted within 24 hours
  • Profesional Towing Service
  • Full support to manufacturers press, media and promotional teams
Nationwide Vehicle Transport

We can deliver vehicles anytime from 5.00am

Nationwide Vehicle Transport

We carry out full customer handovers

Nationwide Vehicle Transport

Covered/Fully Enclosed Vehicle Transport

About Us

Single Vehicle Movements

Nationwide Vehicle Transport specialise in single vehicle deliveries. Our dedicated drivers are fully trained to meet the highest approvals required in the Fleet Industry. We carry out full customer handovers, and complete all necessary leasing paperwork on either delivery handover forms or by using our hand held devices, also known as Model Units. Nationwide Vehicle Transport can personalise every delivery experience, leaving you / your clients totally satisfied.

Covered/Fully Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Nationwide Vehicle Transport are now able to offer a fully bespoke collection and delivery service for classic and prestige vehicles and VIP customers using our new fully covered enclosed car transporter trailer.

Model Deliveries

The Model system was introduced in order to provide leasing companies with an immediate copy of their paperwork, this being achieved via a compatible device. Our transport drivers are fully trained and experienced in using these hand held devices.

Timed deliveries

Do you need a vehicle delivered during a specific time slot or at a specific time? At Nationwide Vehicle Transport we understand the importance of meeting agreed delivery times which is why we strive to arrange any time to suit you or your customer. Whilst offering vehicle delivery anytime from 5am onwards, we’ll ensure that there is a minimum of disruption to your customer’s working day.

The benefits of using Nationwide Vehicle Transport for your car deliveries are:

  • Same day / next day service
  • Monthly licence check
  • Fully computerised paperwork
  • 10+ Years experience
  • Operating throughout the UK and into Europe
  • All drivers are fully trained, uniformed & fully insured
  • Fleet vehicle delivery including handover
  • Dealer vehicle movements/Dealer transfers
  • Collection from Ports/Docks
  • Manufacturers Factory Collections
  • Classic, Prestige & Sports Cars
  • VIP Delivery & Handovers
  • Towing service for caravans/boats/jet skis
  • Covered /Full Enclosed Vehicle Transport
  • Corporate new car handover specialists, particularly when high CSI scores are required
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  • enclosed_trailer_2
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  • enclosed_trailer_3

Fully covered enclosed car transporter trailer

If you require any further information whatsoever or you would like to receive a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email. Our polite and friendly team are standing by to hear from you and to find out how we can assist you.

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